Song, Music & Voice Bar Codes available

Speak to your clients directly and instantly! Integrate the platform

Deliver message, music and content just by reading the code with your smart phone on your app. 

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Files coming soon.

Whiteboard Explanation

Media Barcodes™️ bring Your Product to Life In this connected world.

How video/music/voice codes work in real life

Watch how easy and fun it is to scan. 

Scan the code anywhere with any phone.

All you clients have their smart phones waiting for something captivating to do with it!


Once you have your customer’s attention and they want to hear the message or music you want to communicate, the traffic is driven to app, site or fb page. 

This new is a new way to create engagement from your customers, communicate with them and create a stronger relationship, bonify, reward their actions to stimulate purchase and walk-in in store.

- By watching educational videos on how to best use coupons and how to maximize purchasing power and use points and rewards in store.

Share what you’ve learnt in video

Gain points/rewards

Let your customers create a customized song with song code and share with friends on fb and other social media 

Gain more points/rewards

Our Technology and app


AO (Augmented Objects)  can be added to this to real life iitems and situations . Animated features can bring to reality anything.

Join Us!


Get a quote on how to integrate to your platform and get time line For completion.

1. Analysis and wireframing

2. App or web page and DB design

3. API Development and Navigation

4. Functional development and API integration

5. Testing and Bug fixing


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